Stuck At The Bottom

by I Against I

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Stuck At The Bottom
Artwork by Louis Fernandez(@LouisD2C)

Recoded, Mixed, and Mastered by Fabian Rubio at 993k studios in Pomona, CA.


released October 14, 2014



all rights reserved


I Against I California

Orange County Hatecore 2017

Austin, Anthony, Jake, and Walter

Bite The Bullet.


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Track Name: Reason
Let me go, leave me alone
Forget me, like everyone I know
Live rejected, my pain is life
Escape this hell, I've already tried.

Life is hell. There's no escaping.

Living my life, waiting to fall
After I thought I came so far
Never really good enough at all
Test my will to live, before I end it all

Empty, inside.

Cast judgement, call me weak
Kick me while I'm down
I can take it, I'll take the pain
just put me out of my misery
Track Name: Glass Half Empty
Nothing surrounds me
my glass half empty
Always second best
I'll never measure up to the rest

Emptiness is all I've become
Pointless death, I am no one
Lost, lonely, and forlorn
Living my life in my own scorn

Look deep into my eyes
See a soul torn with compromise
I am nothing and I hate you
I will never care about you again

A black hole within my mind
I await the hands of time
A smile hits my face as I,
As I know the end is in sight
Track Name: Salvation
I'm not looking for salvation

I'm not looking to be saved
I'm not looking for answered prayers
All of thee above cannot be done
By a dead man on a cross

By a dead man hanging from
A broken cross

I'm not looking to be saved
Im looking into to my own grave
Track Name: I Against I

I fight with myself in the mirror everyday
Battling my hate
Try to fight against my..
My fucked up and sealed fate


I hate myself more everyday
And it's not going away

When I see my face
I see nothing but a fucking disgrace
Track Name: Moral Decay
Drop me, throw me away
Deep into a moral decay
Pick me up, slam me down
I know you smile while you watch me drown

Take a look, at me now
I'm sad and broken down
(Broken down)
Promise to me everything
Just to take it away and fucking leave

Can't find peace as hard as I try
Can't sleep with this pain on my mind
Thoughts stuck to the back of my head
I'm still betrayed in the end

Pain never ending

I found peace in my mind
with being lost
No hope to see
Forever cursed to walk
Track Name: Deep Rut ft. Nicky Outraged
Everyday it gets harder to see
Who's here for me, and who here to deceive
And everytime I try to break free
From this crippling depression inside me

It just pulls me back
Deep down inside
To the hole I've stuck in for my whole life

Stuck down, in a hole

*Nicky Outraged*

Kicked down, pushed around
Stuck at the bottom
Bound to the ground
Track Name: Alone
Nothing here for me
Nothing for me any where
Sentence to be on my own
Till I die all alone

I am on my own
Walking alone in the cold
Reaching out for your hand
But I don't receive a glance

(Take it out on me)

Lashing out from the pain
All my efforts are in vain
In this world I am stuck
On my own will, I escape
Track Name: Circling The Drain
Looking for, others too
Ease my numbing pain
But they all watch me
Circle down the drain

It gets worse, everyday
I have to find a way to escape
I can't handle, all this shit
Building up on top of it

And now my time has finally come
Stopped being scared, got the job done

I'm in the casket and I'm ok
With the way that I died
So many years, and try's
And it's finally time

Trying to climb out
Of this dismal dream
I see no light on my way
To guide me

No more time left, In my life
Left to deal with all this shit
It's all over, said and done
And this time I won't wake up