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Self-Esteem Demo 2014.


released March 1, 2014

Recorded/mixed/mastered by Fabian Rubio at 993k Studios.



all rights reserved


I Against I California

Orange County Hatecore 2017

Austin, Anthony, Jake, and Walter

Bite The Bullet.


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Track Name: Self-Esteem
Try to be my own man
Finding it's worth nothing
Tired and self loathing
With my doubts held closely
Try to stay alive, when I can't survive

Try to help other people out
When I find that I'm stuck in this rut myself
And I find that it hurts my self esteem
Sitting here as I watch other people believe

And I'll sit as I watch my self esteem fall to the bottom of the sea
Worth nothing
Track Name: Trapped
Waiting for things to look up
Chip on my shoulder, cloud above my head
Live in regret, wishing I was dead

Trapped in this cage, a living hell
Stuck in this place, with no way out.

This place is trap
Still stuck looking back

Stuck in this life
With nothing left to show
Trapped in this life
Till im six feet below
Track Name: Never Need
Step back

Never needed anyone
Never asked you for help
Wont ask for a favor
Won't ask for shit

Never need anyone
Never lose anybody else

Never needed anyone
Won't ask for advice
Don't fucking need you
Don't even ask twice

Never fucking needed you
Track Name: Braindead
Sitting back as you watch your life go by
Living your life, just to get high
Filth and deceit, living in the street
Try to land, but you never get back on your feet

Try to numb the pain
Nothing to gain
Living your life on the curb
Of the fast lane

Nowhere to go, but a six foot hole.
Track Name: Suffering
Don't talk to me about suffering
I've spent my whole life wondering
Why I'm stuck in a fog
Why I'm stuck in this haze

Depression builds up inside of me
Everyday becomes agonizing
Everyday is agonizing

And now I take the pain out on myself
It's all becoming too much to fucking bear
I'm not even in control of my own life
So with this rope around my neck
(I'll say my final good byes)

Kick the chair from underneath my feet
Praying for an eternal sleep
Nobody saw the signs
Now this ends my life

I choose to die